Our Story

Connemara Therapeutic Riding was founded in 2015 after a number of locals noticed the need in Connemara for such a service. Together with the community and support from different agencies such as Forum Connemara, The Connemara Pony Breeders Society, Paving the Way and The Dormant Accounts Fund, Connemara Therapeutic Riding was born.

We are all about providing an all Inclusive, Family Experience. We offer Sibling Sessions and provide some much needed Respite for parents/carers while their children are safe in the hands of our Fully Trained and Qualified Coaches. All of our leaders and sidewalkers are volunteers and are trained by our coaches.

Our therapy ponies are all Registered Connemara Ponies, bred, reared and trained in Connemara . They have proven to be the perfect therapy pony, calm and placid, seeming to innately understand what is required of them.

We are funded entirely by grant aid and the continuous efforts of our fundraising team.

To support and get involved, please keep an eye on our news, Go Fund Me Campaign and our Facebook page.


Why Connemara Ponies

CTR works with Registered Connemara Ponies, bred, reared and trained in Connemara. Connemara Ponies are the perfect therapy pony, with their calm and placid nature. Working with ponies gives the users the opportunity to experience movement and sensory input, which can improve their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

Our Connemara Ponies are fully trained and have proven to be excellent in their role, seeming to innately understand what is required of them. The Connemara Pony is known for its kind and gentle nature, they are trusting and willing animals, making them the perfect candidate for this important role.

The welfare of our ponies is extremely important to us and we ensure they are given the best care while keeping within their natural environment as possible, enabling them to flourish and have a happy and fulfilling life working with CTR. The welfare of the ponies and the welfare of our clients go hand in hand.

Our Ponies

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